The campaign finished (successfully) a couple years ago. I have another 20+ sessions of audio logs I need to transcribe one day but life and other campaigns keep getting in the way. Hopefully one day I can come back and finish them.

!!Thank you to all the fans, players and OP community members that helped this campaign!!

In a world where steel can overcome honor, history is written by the victor, studied by the defeated and forgotten by the rebellious. Only the Jade Throne is immune to the ravages of time…

-Doji Shizue

Jade thrown

Seven brothers and sisters of the Sun and the Moon, the Kami, fell to the earth 1,000 years ago. Six swore to protect and teach the Rokugani. One become corrupted and swore vengeance on his siblings. A simple peasant and seven samurai defeated the corrupt Kami at the dawn of history to make Rokugan safe.

The Emerald Empire of Rokugan has now existed in relative peace for a thousand years since the defeat of Fu Leng. But darkness lies on the horizon. The Right and Left hands of the Emperor threaten to go to war with each other once again. The heir to the Jade Throne is young and untested while the current Emperor refuses to step down. The Great Bear of the Crab Clan looks longingly towards the Imperial Throne as the the Shadowlands remain relentless in their assault on the Empire. Insidious plots by unknown enemies also threaten to bring down the Empire and rumors of the ancient Naga awakening circulate thru the Empire.

A dark time in history is approaching the Empire with only six young samurai standing in its way. Welcome to Changing History…..

Shosuro Shinjo luke
Hida kengetsu Kakita hikaru
Akodo akio Kitsu

L5R Changing History

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