Void Points

What is Void?

The element of void represents your inherent understanding of the dance of the elements, as well as your ability to draw upon the harmony between all elements to achieve greatness. From your character’s point of view this is rarely seen for what it truly is. You realize your character is drawing upon the Void, but your character may simply see it as a manner of concentration, a burst of heroic effort or simply dumb luck ( although with Touch of the Void disadvantage it is quite clear what you are doing!)

Recovering Void Points
  • A full night’s rest recovers all void points.
  • The meditation and Tea Ceremony skills allow you to recover Void Points.
  • You may recover ONE Void Point if more then two dice explode on a single roll. You may recover this way a number of times per day equal to your Void Ring.
    NOTE: If you go without food, water, or restful sleep for more then one day you cannot recover Void Points.
Using Void Points:
  • Extra Die, rolled and kept (1 Void Point)
    On any roll you may spend one Void Point to gain 1k1 on the roll.
  • Free Raise (1 Void Point)
    You may spend one Void Point to gain a Free Raise although this Free Raise may not be used to increase your roll by 5.
  • Gain one Rank in a Skill (1 Void Point)
    On any skill roll you may spend a void point to increase your skill rank by one (gaining any mastery abilities that such a Skill Rank may apply).
  • Encouragement (2 Void Points)
    As a comrade performs an action you may encourage him in some manner as long as he can see or hear you. You spend two void points to grand your comrade a Void Point that must be spent to enhance their next roll. Your comrade may still spend his own Void to enhance the same roll normally. A single individual may not receive more Void Points to spend in this manner at one time then his own Void Ring.
  • Final Strike (3 Void Points)
    If you are reduced to the Down or Out Wound levels, you may spend THREE Void Points on your next turn to perform a single action before you fall. You suffer an additional +30TN for this action. If you are actually killed, you may spend FIVE Void Points to perform a Final Strike.
  • Gain an Action (2 Void Points)
    You may spend TWO Void Points to gain an additional non attack action on your turn.
  • Persistence (1 Void Point)
    You may spend ONE Void Point before making any Skill Roll (including an attack roll) to negate all Wound Penalties for that Skill Roll. You may still use additional Void Points to enhance the roll normally. Persistence does not negate the penalties from Final Strike, poison, armor or any other non Wound penalties.
  • Speed (2 Void Points)
    You may spend two Void Points before rolling Initiative to roll and keep an extra die on your Initiative roll.
  • Switch Initiative ( 1 Void Point)
    Immediately after Initiative is rolled, you may spend ONE Void Point to exchange your Initiative result with any other willing comrade who also spends a Void Point to do so.
  • TN Increase (1 Void Point)
    On your turn, you may spend ONE Void Point to increase your TNtbH by +10 until your next turn. This does no interfere with your other actions and can be combined with Full Defense
  • Wound Reduction (1 Void Point)
    You may spend ONE Void Point to reduce the number of Wounds you take from a single attack by 10. This negates the Wounds before they affect you, so it may potentially save you from death. This may be done once per round.


Void Points

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