Shosuro Shinriko

long black hair, wears black lace mask, red kimonos, extremely beautiful


Legend of the Five Rings, Third Edition

Old First Edition Sheet

Rank 7
Insight 286
(Exp: 0)

Glory 7.7 Honor 1.6 Status 6 Shadowlands Taint 0


Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 3
Water 3 Strength 3 Perception 3
Fire 4 Agility 4 Intelligence 4
Air 5 Reflexes 5 Awareness 5
Void 4
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphasis/Mastery Abilities
Note: +0k1-2 (attracted) and +3k0 when persuasion Social skill, Free Raise on verbal skill, Initiative 10k5 + 4, +0k1 on all actions in dim light, +0k1 against Goju, *denotes 1 ed School Skills, Temp Free Raise Rumor in Winter Courts
Acting* AWA 10 10k10 + 10 (23/24k6+10) Disguise, Mimicry, 6 Free raises (Journeyman/Ancestor/Rolling). You can disguise yourself as a member of another clan, profession, gender, social caste, or human sized nonhuman. Using any of these options increases your TN by 5. You can now disguise yourself as a specific person or non-human. Both increase the TN by 5. Anybody who knows the impersonated person earns two free raises to pierce your disguise. The base TN to pierce your disguise is 50.
Courtier AWA 4 9k5 Political Maneuvering, Manipulation, Gossip
Etiquette* INT 3 7k4 Sincerity, Conversation, +5 Contested Social Rolls (Any roll where at least one person uses AWA or WILL as their trait is considered a social skill roll.)
Investigation Various 3 Notice
Lore: Geography INT 1 5k4
Lore: Ghosts INT 2 6k4
Lore: Heraldry INT 1 5k4
Medicine AWA 2 7k5 Antidote
Meditation VOI 1 4k3
Music Various 2
Storytelling AWA 2 8k5 Free Raise. Oratory, Rhetoric
Archery REF 1 6k5
Athletics Various 1
Chain Weapon AGI 3 7k4
Defense AGI 1 5k4
Horsemanship Various 2
Iaijutsu Various 1 Draw, +1 Focus during a duel
Jiujutsu AGI 3 7k4 Ninjitsu, Hisoudou, Roll 1 more dice for unarmed damage.
Kenjutsu AGI 3 7k4
Knives AGI 8 10k5 Tanto, Free Raise (Journeyman), No penalties wielding two knives at once, Wound penalties for attack rolls are reduced by weapon skill, Free raise to additional attack when wielding two knives.
Ranged Weapons REF 1 6k5
War Fans AGI 2 6k4
Have all skills. (Anatomy, Explosives, Shadowland Lore, Traps, Underworld)
Deceit* AWA 5 10k5 Seduction, +2k0 on opposite sex
Forgery* Various 2
Kuji Kuri Void 4 8k4 The skills requires two free hands, and cross gaze with your target that then forces a contested roll of the target’s void against your Void +Kuji Kiri. The target is then blinded for your Void minus your opponent Void (min one). The target cannot attack or move, but can assume the full defense mode or use spells not needing an external target. You can use it only once per hour a selected target. This skill can be used to affect more then one person at a time as long as you can see them but your targets get a +5 to the roll for each additional person being affected.
Locksmith* AGI 2 5k4
Poison* INT 3 7k4 Free raise for Antidote, +5 TN to poisons created
Sleight of Hand* AGI 3 7k4
Stealth* AGI 5 8k4 3 Free Raises, May move one-third of your normal speed while sneaking as a simple action.

Armor TN Bonus:

+5 (Silk and Steel Kimono), +5 School Technique (air ring), +10 School Technique (stealth)

TN to Be Hit:

(REF x 5 + Armor + Modifiers): 42 / 47 (unarmored/armored)

Primary Weapons

Knives get 5 raises to attack. Attacks get additional 7 (Insight) raises if favored enemy. Green tantos has a 1k0 increase on damage already calculated. Red Tantos get an additional raise on attacks if thrown.

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Katana (Daisho) 7k4 6k2 Spend 1V to +1k1, 2V same
Wakizashi (Daisho) 7k4 5k2 No offhand penalty, +5 TN penalty when attacking with it
Green Tanto 10k5 5k1 Free Raise on Sleight of Hand to conceal, one per round draw knife without action, 30ft ranged throw
Red Tanto 10k5 4k1 Free Raise to throw, Free Raise Sleight of Hand to conceal, one per round draw knife without action, 30ft ranged throw
Aiguichi 10k5 4k1 Free Raise Sleight of Hand to conceal, one per round draw knife without action, 30ft ranged throw
Obi 7k4 4k2 2 free raises to Disarm or Knockdown, The hook may be used to inflict damage on a target grappled by the chain, and gains an additional +1k1 DR on all attacks against such a target. This weapon may be used to make a Grapple.

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level. Earth x 5 for Out )

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 4
Nicked +3 8
Grazed +5 12
Hurt +10 16
Injured +15 20
Crippled +20 24
Down +40 28 Cannot Stand, move faster then a crawl or speak louder then a whisper. TNtbH 5. May spend a void point to act
Out 38 Unconscious for a number of hours equal to wounds at Out Level. Cannot act. Once at max wounds you die.

School Techniques (Shosuro Butei)

Rank 1 A Scorpion has a Thousand Hearts Add School Rank in rolled dice to Acting Skill Rolls and when trying to persuade someone using a High Skill. You also add your Air Ring to your TN to Be Hit.
Rank 2 The Scorpion’s Sting When attacking an opponent who is unaware of your attack, the max Raises you may make on your attack roll are not limited by your Void or by your Skill Rank. You gain a number of Free Raises equal to your School rank on all your Knives rolls. Add Fire Ring to Initiative.
Rank 3 The Thousand Masks That’s a secret, bitches.
Rank 4 The Thousand Masksx2 Still a secret.

School Techniques (Shadow Hunter)

Rank 1 Strike of Righteousness You gain a number of Free Raises equal to your Insight Rank on all attack rolls against manifestations of the Lying Darkness, against anyone who possesses Shadow points, against anyone who possess the Shadowland Taint or agent of the Kolat . These Raises may only be used to increase damage. Additionally you gain a number of Free Raises to all Stealth rolls equal to your School Rank +1.
Rank 2 Scent of Prey By spending a Void point, you immediately become aware of any Living Darkness spawn, any individual with shadow points, anyone who possess the Shadowland Taint or Kolat Sleeper Agent within 100’. Additionally you may add double your stealth skill to your TNtbH.
Rank 3 Strike from the Darkness A number of times per day equal to your School Rank you may choose to double the result of a damage roll against any enemy who is not aware of your presence before you attack. Once per day, you may instead spend 2 Void points to instead triple the damage. The doubling or tripling must be done before the attack roll


Shosuro Butei School (Master of Court):
Add twice Insight Rank to the total of any Acting rolls.


Kata Name Preparation Time Duration Benefit


Born: Fifth Day, Month of the Serpent, hour of the Rooster.

Shosuro Shinriko

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