Shinjo Akio

Formerly an Akodo, Akio is tall and square shouldered, with big bushy golden hair and a little bit of a beard.



Legend of the Five Rings, Third Edition

Old First Edition Sheet

Rank 5
Insight 229

Glory 8.6 Honor 5.4 Status 5.9 Shadowlands Taint 0


Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 3
Water 4 Strength 8 Perception 4
Fire 3 Agility 4 Intelligence 3
Air 3 Reflexes 3 Awareness 3
Void 3
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphasis/Mastery Abilities
Storytelling AWA 5 8k3 Oratory, Poetry
Lore: History INT 3 5k3
Theology INT 3 5k3 Shintao
Etiquette AWA 4 7k3 +5 TN for contested Social Rolls
Lore: Heraldry INT 3 5k3
Courtier AWA 3 6k3
Lore: Geography INT 1 4k3
Investigation Various 5 Notice
Lore : Law Various 1
Perform (Music) AWA 1
Kenjutsu AGI 10 14k4+10 Grand Master, No-Dachi, Katana
Jiujutsu AGI 10 10k5+18 Hisoudou, Art of the Sword
Archery REF 3 6k3+10 Reduce Range Penalty by 5
Defense AGI 5 8k4 May declare Full Defense Posture at beginning of round
Battle PER 5 6k3 Add Water ring to total on opposed rolls
Iaijutsu Various 3 Draw, +1 Focus during a duel
Athletics Various 3
Horsemanship Various 2
Warfan AGI 3 7k3

Armor TN Bonus:

+10 (Fine Emerald Majistrate Heavy Armor), +5 (Silk and Steel Kimono), +5 (Gunsen,), +8 (Defense)

TN to Be Hit:

(REF x 5 + Armor + Modifiers): 38

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
No-Dachi 14k4+20 14k3+16 Excellent. Damage is calculated with 1.5 STR (rounded down). +0k1 against opponents larger then human sized
Katana (Daisho) 14k4+20 11k2+16 Fine
Wakizashi (Daisho) 14k4+10 8k2+16
Unarmed Combat 10k5+19 9k1+27 Hisoudou, Art of the Sword
Tanto 4k4 8k1+16 Untrained
Yumi Bow 6k3+10 Varies See Arrow for Damage
Willow Leaf Arrow 5k2+16 10, See Yumi for Attack
Armor Piercer Arrow 4k2+16 5, See Yumi for Attack, Ignores armor TN to hit
Flesh Cutter Arrow 5k3+16 3, See Yumi for Attack, Armour adds double to TN to hit
Rope Cutter Arrow 4k1+16 2, See Yumi for Attack, Rope Cutting

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Out)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 6
Nicked +3 12
Grazed +5 18
Hurt +10 24
Injured +15 30
Crippled +20 36
Down +40 42 Cannot Stand, move faster then a crawl or speak louder then a whisper. TNtbH 5. May spend a Void point to act.
Out 57 Unconscious for a number of hours equal to wounds at Out Level. Cannot Act. Once at max wounds you die.

School Techniques (Akodo Bushi)

Rank 1 The Way of The Lion Ignore opponents TN bonus to Be Hit from armor or gain a Free Raise when attacking. Gains a Free Raise on your first melee attack against an opponents in a skirmish. Gain a Free Raise against any opponent who has declared a raise against me since my last turn. When rolling for damage or for a contested Battle roll, add your Water Ring to the total.
Rank 2 Strength of Purity Before rolling to attack, you may choose to add twice your Honor Rank to either you attack or damage roll. You may spend a Void Point to make an Honor Roll even if you already have this session, and only lose half the Honor on a failed Honor Rolls and Tests of Honor.
Rank 3 Strength of my Ancestors Gain extra attack per round. Add twice your water ring to damage (replaces bonus gained at Rank1).
Rank 4 Triumph Before Battle May take to Raises against an opponent in Full Defense Posture and, if the attack is successful, cause the opponent to lose the benefits of the Full Defense Posture. May now add twice your Honor to both attack and damage roll at all times.

School Techniques (Akio’s Heavy Blade (Bushi))

Rank 1 Akio’s Heavy Blade Students of Akio’s Heavy Blade may use a no-dachi one handed and treat it as a katana for all situation and requirements. You retain the no-dachi’s strength bonus to damage. You gain one free raise when attacking with a no-dachi. You add your strength score to your initiative roll.


Akodo’s Dojo (Masters of War):
May purchase any Lion Clan kata for 1 point less.


Waves in All Things
* Ring/Mastery: Water 4
* Type: Mystical
Water flows through all things, including the earth. You may make an unarmed attack by striking at a body of standing water or the earth. The effects of this strike are felt by one opponent who is in contact with either the water or earth (whichever one was struck) and who is within a number of feet equal to your Water Ring x 10. The effect of the strike is quite obvious, and may not be performed discreetly. If you are concealed at the time this Kiho is activated, your position is immediately revealed to the target and those in his immediate vicinity.


Kata Name Preparation Time Duration Benefit
Hand of Akodo 30 Minutes 120 Minutes Roll one additional die on damage rolls using unarmed strikes. Your Initiative is increased by 5 during any combat round when you are unarmed, and your Wound penalties are reduced by your Insight Rank. Your TN to Be Hit is reduced by 5.

Other Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Katana 14k4+20 10k2+16 Gift from Kakita Yoshimoto, craft by Yoshimoto in the memory of his dead wife
Nagamaki 4k4+10 9k3+16 No Yarijutsu
No-Dachi 14k4+20 14k2+16 Fine Quality


Fan of Command
Necklace of black tiger claws
Tiny jade mantis statue from Shosuro Shinriko
Jade Dust (x3)
Travel Pack
-Small Folding Stool
-Straw Cloak
-Small Tent
-Rope (50’)
-Charcoal & Parchment (10)
-Pillow Book (Shintao)
-Candles (6)
-White Sheaf of Grain
Naga Hunting Knife
1118 Copper and Silk rings (x2)
1118 Kensen Gaka Ribbon
Copper Daisho Scabbards
Fine Kimono
Doll of Lady Shinjo
Armband of the Mongoose
Kakko Drum


Born on Ox 15, year 100. He is the second son of his family. His lder brother is a Yojimbo for a Lion courtier. His younger sister is one year younger than him. His younger brother is two years younger than him and in bushi training. He studied in the arts of being a bushi for most of his life and while never truly standing out he was a skill and honorable student. He was honored to be chosen as his master’s champion in the Topaz Championship. He remains unaware that his master’s first choice in student to represent him was another student. That student was unfortunately killed when he was thrown from his pony and trampled to death while training. Akio did however go one to represent his master with great skill and took second place in the Championship.

Shinjo Akio

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