Otomo "Ken" Kengetsu

An Otomo samurai built like the wall itself, with scarred knuckles and a body fit for a martial artist. Though sometimes brash, he can be quite poetic with an appearance that is well maintained.


Legend of the Five Rings, Third Edition

Old First Edition Sheet

Rank 8
Insight 300
Karma: Current: 6/Used: 3

Glory 6 Honor 3 Status 6.9 Shadowlands Taint 0


Earth 4 Stamina 4 Willpower 4
Water 4 Strength 4 Perception 4
Fire 3 Agility 4 Intelligence 3
Air 3 Reflexes 4 Awareness 3
Void 4
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphasis/Mastery Abilities
Etiquette INT 3 6k3
Meditation VOI 2 3k3
Heraldry PER 1 5k4
Storytelling AWA 5 8k3 Poetry
Instruction Int 5 8k3
Calligraphy Int 3 6k3
Lore: Geography Int 1 4k3
Courtier AWA 3 6k3
Investigation Various 5 Notice
Performance AWA 3 6k3
Jiujutsu AGI 10 10k4 Kobo(Master), Mizu-do(Master), Nigao(Master), Hisoudou(Master), Boxxeen(Advanced), Art of the Sword(Master) Kaze-Do(Intermediate), Tsuchi-Do(Master), Kinenhi(Master). 9’s explode. +2k1 rolled for unarmed damage. Free Raise. +2 Insight
Yarijutsu AGI 3 7k4 +1k0 on damage vs mounted or larger opponents
Defense AGI 10 12k4+17 May declare Full Defense Posture at beginning of round. +2 Insight. One free raise when using the Defense skill
Sumai STR 5 10k4 Free Raise. +2 Insight
Iaijutsu Various 3 Draw, +1 Focus during a duel
Kenjutsu AGI 4 8k4
Archery REF 4 7k3
Battle PER 5 7k4
Heavy Weapons AGI 3 4k3
Athletics Various 3
Horsemanship AGI 3 7k4 Allows Full Defense on Horseback
Deceit AWA 3 5k2 Intimidation
Shadowlands Lore INT 5 7k2

Armor TN Bonus:

+10 ( Armor of Stone )

TN to Be Hit

REF x 5 : +15
Armor: +10
Nagai Michinori: +5 passive, + 10 in Full Defence Posture, +10 Attacking Lower Initiative Opponent.
Boxxeen: +10
Path: +30 when allocated, +10 additional armor for a void point.
School Ability: Sideways Step: +13, +26 in Full Defense Posture.
Shell of Stone: Double Defense or +10 Armor when activated.
Hisoudou: +10
Kinenhi: +5 Passive, while non in Full Attack, or in Light or heavier armor.
Kaze-Do: +5 Passive.
Rank 10 Defense Skill: +20

Passive Unarmored/Armored: 73/78

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Katana (Daisho) 6k4 9k2 Fine Crafted (Tsi).
Wakizashi (Daisho) 6k4 7k2
Fine Masakari 6k4 7k3 FR on Extra Damage
Jitte 5k4 7k2
Unarmed 14k4 +14 & Free Raise 7k3 +4 +1k1 attack & damage from tekko when used, +30 to damage from Path Ability if Allocated, +5 to attack or damage from Nagai Michinori.

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Out)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 11
Nicked +3 19
Grazed +5 27
Hurt +10 35
Injured +15 43
Crippled +20 51
Down +40 59 Cannot Stand, move faster then a crawl or speak louder then a whisper. TNtbH 5. May spend a void point to act.
Out 79 Unconscious for a number of hours equal to wounds at Out Level. Cannot act. Once at max wounds you die.

School Techniques

Hida Wrestler
Rank 1 The Claw Strikes Ignore Armor Heavy Armor penalty for all Bugei skills. Add Earth ring to attack and damage for unarmed attacks and for initiating and maintaining a Grapple.
Rank 2 The Mountain does not Move. Any time you suffer wounds you may spend a Void point to make a Earth roll vs a TN equal to the wounds suffered. If you succeed you suffer no wounds. You also add your School Rank to your Earth Ring to resit Knockdown.
Rank 3 Snapping the Arm. The Hida Wrestler School teaches the Importance of ferocious speed and quickness in unarmed combat, as well as strength and willpower. You may make an additional attack per round. but only if both attacks use your Jiujitsu Skill. Also, if you control a Grapple at the beginning of your turn, you may disarm your opponent as a Simple Action.
Rank 4 Sideways Step. Training in this particular style of unarmed combat gives you the quickness to avoid your enemy’s blows all together. even when wearing heavy armor. When in the Attack posture. you receive a bonus to your TN to Be Hit equal your Reflexes + Jiujitsu. When you are in the Full Defense posture. this bonus is equal to twice the total of your Reflexes + Jiujitsu. These bonuses supplement any bonus you may receive from using the Defense Skill.
Rank 5 The Mountain Does Not Fall. You may spend a Void Point to ignore all Wound Penalties (including Out) until your next turn. For the remainder of the skirmish, the number of Wounds in each of your Wound Ranks is doubled. You gain another Void Point that may only be used to activate either The Mountain Does Not Move or The Mountain Does Not Fall..
Hida Elite Guard
Rank 1 Hida’s Strength The Hida Elite Guardsman has learned to channel the legendary power of the First Crab, adapting readily to attack or defense. At the beginning of each round you may choose to add triple your Defense Skill Rank to either your damage rolls or your TN to Be Hit until the next round. Additionally, you may spend a Void Point; for three rounds your armor gives you an additional bonus to your TN to Be Hit equal to its base bonus. You may not gain this bonus again if you are currently receiving it.
Daidoji Bodyguard
Rank 1 The Force of Honor Add your Honor rank to your wound per level. Add Air ring to attack rolls.
Rank 2 Wielding the Inner Fire When using Full Defense add your Insight x 5 to your initiative for the following round. Add Fire ring to TNtbH.



Kata Name Preparation Time Duration Benefit
Shell of Stone 10min 60min When you use this kata, you may either double your effective Defense Skill or double the bonus gained from wearing heavy armor. You may not declare a Full Attack, and you roll one fewer die for Initiative and attack rolls.
Striking as Water 10min 120min When you use this kata, you roll an additional two dice on damage rolls. Your TNtbH is reduced by 5.

Martial Arts


“Ken” is the third son of Hida Saigo and Hida Shiori. Hida Saigo is a current captain of one of the many posts, and has had that position for many years, ever since he and his squad made a raid into the Shadowlands. What was suppose to be a small skirmish against goblins turned into a ambush led by an Oni named Kotodama. The battle waged on for hours, the Crab squad suffered many loses, but in time, Saigo struck the finally blow to the Oni using his Tetsubo. The day was won, but was bitter sweet in that only he and a few other samurai returned.

Needless to say, growing up with such a father meant having high expectations, especially for the third son, which Kengetsu was. The household was strict, and his older brothers, Hida Choguro and Hida Sanosuke, bullied him constantly for being the youngest. As the boys grew older, they sparred with Ken if only to use him as a punching bag. Throughout school, it showed that he was more capable with his fists rather than a weapon. It was there that he learned Juijistu and Sumai, using the size and strength of his body to the fullest. Where his brothers excelled in weaponry, he excelled in hand to hand. In his studies of the martial arts, he trained endlessly to make his fists into bludgeons that could fell the mightiest ogre. Even after class, he would go to the Kaiu Wall, and strike at it as long as he could before he was caught. It is for this reason he gained the nick-name Wall-Knuckled Kengetsu.

Years passed, and Ken finally had proven himself to his brothers and father, by taking down an ogre with two other bushi that were in his squad. One had struck the at the beasts stomach, the other at its chest, while Ken drove his naginata into the Ogre’s skull. Its goblin followers ran off, and Ken rejoiced in his first true kill. This success is what granted him a master, from whom he learned a great many things. It was because of his family and his master that Ken has made as far as he has, and he places them above most other things when it comes to his duty as a samurai.

Otomo "Ken" Kengetsu

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