Karma Points

Character Karma Points Available/Burned

Shinjo Akio 7/3
Otomo “Ken” Kengetsu 9/0
Kakita Hikaru 5/0
Kitsu Kasai 3/0
Shinjo Luke 0/3
Shosuro Shinriko 4/3
Togashi Kaito 1/1

What are karma points? Well in short, they are acquired points that your PC’s can spend for a variety of purposes to affect game play. How do you gain karma points? Simple. By contributing to the creation of our Legend of the Five Rings: Changing History campaign site. Exactly what this contribution consists in will vary. Some examples include an in depth background story, making a character picture, or creating/adding to pages for places, people, or events in your backstory that can be turned into side-quests and help enrich the campaign. I will be offering specific opportunities for participation in the future, but in the meantime, you can always earn points by writing in your character journals.

Once points have been acquired, they may be used in two different ways. First, they can be spent on any of the small bonuses in the “Rechargeable” table. Any points spent this way will recharge at the beginning of the next session. Most of this powers give a small bonus that can assist the character in some way.

Rechargeable Karma Point Powers
Ability Benefit Point Cost
Minor Inner Power +1k0 bonus (before roll) 1
Minor Fortune’s Favor Re-roll 1 die (must keep new result) 2
Personal Talent Gain 1 Free Raise 2
Major Inner Power +1k1 bonus (before roll) 3
Major Fortune’s Favor Reroll all dice (must keep new results) 4
Speed of Another Tie with highest Initiative (Before rolling) 4
Swift Attack Gain Additional Attack 6

Second, the can be “Burnt”. This powers give a MUCH larger bonus to the Player Character and can literally save them from death or kill their opponent with ease. Any points spent this way disappear forever and can NOT be recharged although new points can be gained in the normal fashion.

Burning Karma Point Powers
Ability Benefit Point Cost
Extra Explosion 1 dice is an automatic 10 (before roll) 2
Explosion Deflection 1 roll of 10 on vs you does not explode (after roll) 2
Auto Succes Automatically suceed on one check (before roll) 3
Second Chance Avoid Killing Blow (Reduced to out) 3

I must give thanks to Arsheesh for the basic idea behind this points.


Karma Points

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