Kakita Hikaru Compilation

Kakita hikaru

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Character Writing


Player Contributions:
  • Pictures
  • Random Inspirations (Tittles, names, etc.)
Enemies Defeated
  • Daidoji Shun in a duel at Kosaten Shiro (First Strike non-lethal)
  • 2x Pirate when traveling to Yufuku na Heigen
  • 2x Mizu-do thug defending the maho-tsukai, Kurogane, in Yufuku na Heigen
  • Poisoned Mantis courtier during Mantis-Crane treaty negotiations. (Brought to out level then cured)
  • 2x Undead when visiting Oni Mura (beheaded)
  • Pennaggolan when visiting Oni Mura (jade dust Katana as the rest held it down)
  • Kouki in a duel in Jukami. (First Strike, non-lethal. Ended with “point at throat”)
  • 3 Tasu no oni podlings outside of Kaiu Shiro
  • 2 “Snakeman” (Naga Greenskin and Naga Cobra) on the road to Shiro Kaotsuki no Higashi.
  • Multiple Scorpion Soldiers during Kenson Gakka attack
  • Multiple Ronin “Bandits” during attack on Setsuban Festival Caravan