Boxeen Mechanics

Boxeen Mechanics

Warrior -2
Gajin -2

Novice Boxeen (Jab)
Requires: Rank 1 Jiujutsu, Boxeen Emphasis
Cost: 8 CP
You may reduce your opponent’s TntbH ( to a minimum of 0) by your Strength trait after you successfully hit with an unarmed fist attack by making 2 Raises. For every additional 2 Increased Damages raises you declare you may double the amount you reduce their TntbH. This effect lasts for 1 round.

Intermediate Boxeen (Bobbing)
Requires: Rank 3 Jiujutsu, Boxeen Novice Emphasis
Cost: 9 CP
When unarmed add Jiujutsu to TNtbH. This bonus does not apply in the full attack posture or if unaware of the attack.

Advanced Boxeen (Cross Straight)
Requires: Rank 4 Jiujutsu, Intermediate Boxeen Emphasis
Cost: 10 CP
You may add your Strength trait to your unarmed damage rolls for unarmed attacks using Increased Damage or Called Shots. This ability does not stack with other Called Shot abilities, effects or with itself but it does stack with other Increased Damage abilities or effects.

Expert Boxeen (Crab Guard)
Requires: Rank 5 Jiujutsu, Advanced Boxeen Emphasis
Cost: 11 CP
When in the Full Defense Posture you receive 2 Free Raises on your next unarmed attack vs. any opponent who missed you this round. This effect is not cumulative for multiple attacks from the same opponent but may apply to multiple opponents if applicable.

Master Boxeen (Uppercut)
Requires: Rank 7 Jiujutsu, Boxeen Emphasis
Cost: 12 CP
When landing a unarmed fist attack that uses at least 2 Called Shot raises you may increase the amount of rolled dice on damage by the number of raises. This ability does not stack with any other Called Shot abilities but does stack with Called Shot effects.


Boxeen Mechanics

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