Acknowledgements and Legal


This is here to say THANK YOU to all the people who have helped out make both this campaign and obsidian portal better!

  • My Players
    You make this campaign possible and keep me wanting to tear my hair out! Keep up the good work.
  • Steven: For helping me with the adventure log banners and general photoshop/gimpshop work.
  • Ashley: For all your assistance in general and more specifically the map.
  • AEG
    You made the world and system that my players and I are enjoying.
  • Wolfhound
    You made me stuff out of your own free will and have my ETERNAL gratitude. I started this specific page because of you. Also Dresden Files ROCKS!
  • Chainsaw
    Your FAQ is a great help.
  • Arsheesh
    Your Campaign was an inspiration and demostration of how nice a OP site can look. Also your templates and advice has helped me considerably.
  • Okuma
    Because without you lots of us would be lost wihin the Emerald Empire!
  • AEG Forums
    Because the people there are actually considerate and helpfull.
  • L5R wiki
    Because I have copied paste more stuff from you then I can even think of!


Must of this information (except for custom items, PCs and NPCs) belongs to AEG. A lot of the pictures were found with Google Image search. If any of this content is copyrighted or needs to be paid for please inform me and I will remove the material.

Acknowledgements and Legal

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