Arrow of the West Wind

weapon (ranged)

Fired into the air, this arrow flies in the direction the archer wishes to go. It can be used to the necomancer’s lair, an ogre’s booty or even a path home out of the Shadowlands. It may be used in this manner once per School Rank before it vanishes to return to the daimyo.


The Arrows of the Four Winds were nemuranai used by the Unicorn Clan. The arrows were owned by the Shinjo family daimyo, who gifted them to worthy samurai. While there were only four arrows, the Shinjo daimyo did not fear losing them when he gave them away. When he gifted the arrows he petitioned them to return to him after they were used. If he had the favor of the arrows they would return to him within one week of being fired.

The Arrow of the West Wind: This arrow was not used as a weapon. When fired it would fly in the direction of the archer’s intended destination, showing the way. It could be fired several times before returning to the Shinjo daimyo.






Arrow of the West Wind

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