Kitsu Kasai

Golden mane, average tall height, metal heaband with engraved lion ears on the side.


Legend of the Five Rings, 3rd Edition

Rank 4
Insight 200

Glory 3.5 Honor 3.0 Status 2 Shadowlands Taint 0


Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 4
Water 3 Strength 3 Perception 4
Fire 3 Agility 3 Intelligence 3
Air 3 Reflexes 3 Awareness 4
Void 3
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphasis/Mastery Abilities
Etiquette AWA 3 6k3 The TN of any contested social rolls against you is increased by five.
Courtier AWA 3 6k3
Heraldry INT 1 4k3
Meditation VOI 5 8k3 Void Recovery
Kenjutsu AGI 5 6k2
Kyujutsu REF 3 6k3 Reduce range penalties by 5.
Iaijutsu REF 2 5k3 Draw
Athletics Various 1
Defense AGI 5 8k3
Lore: History INT 1 4k3
Lore: Ancestors INT 3 6k3
Lore: ghosts INT 3 6k3
Spellcraft INT 5 8k3 When casting spells your maximum number of Raises is limited to your Void or by your Spellcraft Rank, whichever is higher. Gain Free Raise when casting spell. Free Raise on Spellcraft Rolls
Theology INT 2 5k3 Ancestor Worship. The Fortunes.
Calligraphy INT 3 6k3



Armor TN Bonus:

+5 (Silk and Steel Kimono),

TN to Be Hit:

(REF x 5 + Armor + Modifiers): 25 / 30 (unarmored/armored)

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Katana (Daisho) 8k3 6k2
Wakizashi (Daisho) 8k3 5k2
Yumi 6k3 Str. 3 Given to him by Kakita Yoshimoto

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Out)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 6
Nicked +3 12
Grazed +5 18
Hurt +10 24
Injured +15 30
Crippled +20 36
Down +40 42 Cannot Stand, move faster then a crawl or speak louder then a whisper. TNtbH 5. May spend a Void point to act.
Out 57 Unconscious for a number of hours equal to wounds at Out Level. Cannot Act. Once at max wounds you die.

School Techniques (Kitsu Sodan-Senzo)

Rank 1 Spirit of the Ancestors The Sodan-senzo are blessed with the ability to speak to shiryo, the blessed ancestor spirits so revered by samurai, a magic respected by all honorable souls. You may cast Ancestor spells, which are not available to non-Kitsu.Spells: Sense Ancestor, Commune With Ancestor, Summon Ancestor, Counterspell, any 2 Air spells, and 1 Water spell. Affinity for Ancestor Magic and Deficiency for Earth and Fire spells


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Kitsu Kasai

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