Doji Kuwanan

Doji Kuwanan was the second son of Doji Satsume and Doji Teinko.


School/Rank: Kakita Bushi / 1, Akodo Bushi /1
Honor 3.6

Fire: 2, – Agility 2, Int 2
Earth: 3, – Stamina 3, Will 3
Air: 3 – Reflexes 4, Awareness 3
Water: 4 – Str 4, Perception 4


Clear Thinker
Sensei (Akodo Toturi)
Different School (Akodo Bushi)
Kakita Blade (Omeka)




Archery 2
Athletics 3
Battle 3
Courtier 1
Defense 5
Etiquette 3
Horsemanship 1
Iaijutsu 2
Kenjutsu 4
Oratory 1
Shintao 2
Sincerity 2
Tetsubo 3
Weaponsmith 2


Kuwanan was an image of his father as much as Hoturi was an image of their mother. Where Hoturi was tall and easygoing, Kuwanan was shorter and his expressions were far less readable. While not as handsome as his brother he still possessed a rugged musculature look. Kuwanan watched the escapades of his brother with an amused eye, living vicariously through his brother’s deeds. Because of not being as eloquent as Hoturi many thought he was a slow thick-set youth. This led many to underestimate the man both on and off the field of battle.

Lion Clan

The Emperor had comanded the Lion and Crane to stop warrying, and imposed the forestage of Kuwanan in the Akodo school. At the age of twelve Kuwanan studied under Akodo Toturi. He learned about tactics, strategy and preparedness, and how honor can strengthen a man’s heart and boost his soul. The time spent with the Lion also gave him a love for battle, and a wish to learn more of war, tactics and kenjutsu. Kuwanan had been one of Toturi’s best students, and when he returned to the lands of the Doji he asked Satsume to allow him to study at other bushi schools of the Empire.

Matsu Hiroru

During Kuwanan’s time at the Akodo school he met Matsu Hiroru, the brother of the Matsu Daimyo. The two disliked each other from the moment they met, and they each studied under separate sensei so they would frequently meet in mock battles. In one of these trials Hiroru “mistakenly” broke Kuwanan’s arm, and although Hiroru apologized Kuwanan could see through the hollow apology. There was nothing he could do however than politely accept the apology. Training continued with more pranks and taunting, but he could do nothing but ignore them. At the time of their gempukku Kuwanan was engaged to be married to Matsu Nosuriko, a beautiful young maiden.

Doji Kuwanan

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