Daidoji Shun

Daidoji yojimbo and duelist.


School: Kakita Bushi 2, Daidoji Yojimbo 1


Daidoji Shun was a Daidoji yojimbo trained in the arts of the Kakita duelists and the Daidoji yojimbo and ofter served as a champion for Crane courtiers.

Daidoji Shun participated in the Topaz Championship of 1112 but lost in the Iaijutsu tournament to a Bayushi.

Had a demonstration duel against Kakita Hikaru at her celebration party in Kosaten Shiro in 1118. Although he attacked first she was able to dodge and land the first blow.

Served as a yojimbo to a courtier during the trade talks between the Mantis and the Crane in the spring of 1118.

Daidoji Shun

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